Free samples of our products are available in the premise of the freight charges on your own.Meanwhile ,we can offer OEM service ,the products such as steel wire rope ,wire rope sling and control cable can be customized according to your specific requirements .For specific information such as product specifications and production cycles, you can visit our website, or contact our sales personnel .We always welcome the customers to come to our factory for investigation.

The goods in stock will be delivered within 2 or 3 workdays after the order is placed.Delivery time of custom-made products is influenced by factors like the raw materials, product quantity, production technology, and so on. In general, customized products will be delivered after 15 to 30 workdays.

If you find any quality problems upon goods receipt , we’ll call back the product and pay for your transportation expenses.We have certain quality assurance items about the products ,and there is a warranty time of 60 days .If the product has any quality problem during the period, our company will make compensation.

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